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Date: 26 Apr 2016 18:31:18
Title: Bermuda Bound

30:24:3N 063:47:2W
Tuesday 26th July 2016
Going the Extra Mile
In our case tacking back and forth to try and make headway towards Bermuda added another forty miles yesterday. Today the wind has veered to the north east and we can head up the rum line again. We should be in Bermuda tomorrow. The forecast is for light to no wind tomorrow, I wonder if we will motor into St George’s.
Powerfully Speaking
Bermuda Harbour Authority have one of the most powerful VHF radio transmitters in the world. They monitor approaching shipping on radar and eighty miles out, radio them. I don’t think they will hear us, but thirty miles out we are supposed to speak to them and give the our pre-registered Visitor Confirmation Number, this will identify WD and save time, both on the radio and on arrival.
To Do:
Our list to sort out is slowly growing. At the end of each passage there is always a few things, I always hope for nothing major. Our list to date, is mostly lubricating and tightening things, so not too onerous. A quick trip up the mast will allow me to check why one of our back stays is loser than the other, my guess and hope is the new forestay has stretched a little....lots of beating puts a big strain on the foresail.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 96 miles (40 miles tacking extra)
Miles to Bermuda: 125 miles

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