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Date: 24 Apr 2016 18:12:09
Title: Bermuda Bound

27:36:7N 064:28:W
Sunday 24th April 2016
What a Grey Day!
It is overcast and has been all day. Even the sea seems grey today. We are motoring to charge the batteries, it seems something worked while we were testing the regulator, as it is working fine at present. Jen was going to shower today, but the lack of sun has postponed this process. We have become so soft and accustomed to the warmth that 25.9 degrees Celsius seems cold...even the seeping bags have been dug out.
Who Is Jen Bates? A Pen Portrait:
A young lady, recently betrothed to Obbe Terpstra. A sailor, masses of experience racing everything from Optimists as a child, to great big classic yachts in the North Sea. She lives and works in Haarlem, The Netherlands, as a surveyor for a Dutch offshore company – hence she doesn’t get seasick.
Fav. Three Books
1. Black Beauty. Her Grandmother had a beautiful copy, with painted colour illustrations under tissue leaves. Jen now has been given this copy.
2. Brave New World. A thought provoking crazy book.
3. Jip en Janneke. A Dutch children’s book which is helping Jen learn the language.
What Makes you Happy?
Obbe and no land on the horizon.
What Annoys You?
Trains being late and cycling to work in the rain.
Who Would You Most Like to Meet?
Sietse Terpstre, he’s my fiancé’s Dad and sadly I never got to meet him.
Fav Food
Chocolate and cherry tomatoes.
Actress Most Likely to Play Jen in The WD Film
Pheobe from Friends (Lisa Kudrow)
Miles Travelled in the last 24 Hours: 113 miles
Miles to Bermuda: 360 miles

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