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Date: 20 Apr 2016 17:35:44
Title: Bermuda Bound

20:32:6N 062:40:6W
Wednesday 20th April 2016
Charging Issues
We still are having issues with charging the batteries from the engine. Evidently just switching the batteries off and on was a coincidence. Denis and I spent and hour and a half this morning trying to puzzle it out. Tested loads of possible solutions, but the issue is we are not entirely sure how the regulator works. We have got it working again, but I am not sure whether it is as a result of what we did or just coincidence. Either way, I am relieved that we got it charging and did not want to turn it off until all is charged.
Slow Progress
We have been tacking up the rum line to Bermuda and travelling more miles than we are knocking off our distance to go. The wind has moved a little to the east of north but it needs to go further before we can get anywhere near sailing up the line.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 106 miles
Miles to Bermuda: 765 miles

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