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Date: 16 Apr 2016 14:06:22
Title: Antigua

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Tuesday 12th April 2016 

Motoring in to Jolly Harbour Customs Dock we could see a head of pink hair standing on the dock. My ex-neighbour Sam was standing there ready to give us a proper welcome. Sam is on a Celebrity Cruise ship doing the Caribbean and had been studying our schedule and worked out our paths would cross in Antigua. Luckily we arrived two hours ahead of schedule otherwise we would have missed each other.  As it was she and her friends had to leave within ten minutes of us arriving. She had to taxi back to the cruise ship in St John's. Thanks Sam a lovely welcome!

After a morning fixing the Anchor windlass wiring, we bused into St John's to check out buses for the next day and to look around. The ladies in the craft market were convinced I was a movie star and we're all giggly and kept bring me things to buy... I soon explained I was only me and not Mick Dundee with a beard and could not afford to buy so much. We had arrived too late to visit the museum and the cathedral was closed for renovation. But we did find out the routine to catch buses to English Harbour. Everyone is so polite on the buses, as they get on the say, "Good Morning," to everyone. When they wish the bus to stop they call, not loudly, "Bus Stop!" and the driver despite being 30' up the bus still hears them.

Classic Yacht Regatta
It is Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta week and Denis and I bused into English Harbour and Falmouth to view the stunning yachts.   We met with Mary and Dick, explored Nelson's Dock Yard, had lunch and went to view the Yachts. Their gleaming woodwork and gorgeous curves are so pleasing to the eye.

Friday Jen Arrived
We spent the morning sorting out times and arranging to check out early Sunday.  Denis' daughter Jen arrived on time. She is part of the crew to Bermuda and then the Azores. She was all excited and proudly showed us her ring as she has just got engaged to Obbe. Obbe was at home in the Netherlands and was partying with his friends when Jen called to say she had arrived safely. 

SY Luna Quest
Julia and Eric arrived on Luna Quest, their Rival 38A, the same afternoon. We hadn't seen them since Grenada. They were part of the Wold Arc and we have seen them regularly as we circumnavigated.  The Arc were finishing on 12th April in St Lucia so they had waited for that before travelling up to Antigua. Having sailed around the world Eric does not wish to sail the Atlantic and home. "I've done that once and never again!" Said Eric. The last time they had been beset by bad weather. He has therefore arranged to ship Luna Quest back to Southampton. They joined us for dinner and then a great reggae band struck up and we danced the night away.

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