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Date: 07 Apr 2016 12:52:00
Title: Les Saintes

15:52:2N 061:35:1W

Arrived in Les Saintes and cleared in at the Internet Cafe. ..French Customs and Immigration are so easy.

A Strange Event
A strange thing though, the trip on our plotter/GPS registered the passage as 3778 miles, but it was only 20 miles. I have no idea what happened but it now means that the trip distance of my total circumnavigation is wrong by 3758 miles. We reset and zeroed Trip 2 and will log on that. Has any one else any idea how this happened?

Les Saintes is very picturesque, almost every building is a chocolate box or gingerbread house. The streets spotless and even the sand by the buildings is raked. It all seems a little too perfect. Could this be an aliens idea if a Caribbean island? Maybe all the people are aliens? Now I'm into fantasy or is it science fiction...it could account for the extra miles if we leapt into another demension.

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