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Date: 02 Apr 2016 19:34:00
Title: Roseau (Rose oh), Dominica

15:17:2N 061:22:6W
Saturday 2nd April 2016

Up early and eager to go. We nosed up to the anchor bouy, I gave the trip line a good tug and snapped it. The anchor was still stuck. Plan 'B', we motored over the anchor and kept going levering the the anchor out. That did the job, no diving needed.

I was keen to get to Roseau and a decent anchorage, I hadn't  relaxed much last night, wondering what might happen if the wind shifted 180 degrees. 

Roseau very rolly.  Was easy, Greg working for Sea Cat motored out and offered us a mooring, he quickly shifted his price when asked for the normal discount, it seems they also are willing to negotiate.

We cleared and booked a walk to the Boiling Lake with Sea Cat the next day. This was utterly amazing and totally tiring. So worth the $135EC we paid each. The views and experience were breath taking.

Monday we got our cruising permit and took off for Batali Bay.

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