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Date: 01 Apr 2016 19:21:00
Title: St Pierre. , Martinique

14:44:3N 06053:2W
Friday 1st April 2016

We upped anchor as soon as Clare and Neil were dropped ashore. A brisk sail up the coast had us trying to drop anchor in St Pierre.

It was very crowded and the best anchorages were taken. We tried numerous times to get the anchor to dig in but the sea grass was making the CQR anchor slip and not bite. We eventually found a spot between to yachts, but this proved hopeless as the 59' Moody was swinging so differently to us. We were eventually forced to move. At the end of the bay we found a spot, our anchor bit first time. On diving to check (something I do each time we stop) I found what we had thought was sand was rock and we has caught the anchor on a large over hang. At eight metres it was the limit I could snorkel to easily, so I checked I could move the anchor by hand. We had a trip line fitted with a bouy, but the anchor was well snagged. That's  how we stayed, as the sun went down we lost enough light to try easily again. I assured myself we were not going to drift off, but we set anchor drag alarm anyway.

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