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Date: 28 Mar 2016 20:43:56
Title: Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia.

14:04:4N 060:01:6W

Monday 28th March 2016

Rodney Bay Marina

We set off in a slightly disgruntled mood - some darling had stolen an oar from our dinghy overnight and the chap who saw us onto the mooring had nor returned with our change. Only $20EC but it is the principle which counts.

We set full main sail as we left, but we're quickly reefing to second reef as the wind leapt to thirty knots once out of the lee of the shore. A wet, fast sail into the swell saw us make good time and in less than two hours for the eleven miles, we were moored in Rodney Bay.

We checked in, had lunch then I set about topping up the batteries, definitely needing doing at least once a month. Fluid levels down to the plate tops. Denis had noticed a seam coming undone in the genoa leach, on closer inspection two had come undone. So armed with my sail repair kit a stitch in time was made.

We're planning a walk to the beach and a beer in St Lucia YC, once the sun had gone down a little...or maybe a mai tai / mahi mahi ask Clare about this one!

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