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Date: 26 Mar 2016 15:29:00
Title: Blue Lagoon, St Vincent

St Vincent
13:07:6N 061:11:4W

23rd March 2016

Arrived at Blue Lagoon at 1040, we needed a pilot to take us through the reef, a difficult passage with a kink in it. Michael came on board and took the wheel through. Once through he left us to dock on the slip. Blue Lagoon has a swell rocking the moorings all the time. They do have three restaurants cafes / bars to choose from and a good swimming pool. A friendly and helpful dock master and the hotel receptionists will help book taxis and tours.

Clare and Neil Carden, good friends and racing competition from Lymington, joined the WD crew on 13th March, here is a brief pen portrait for each of them:
Fav. Book
The Maltese Spitfire Pilot by Dennis Barnham
A book written and based on diary notes of ten weeks in 1942 when Dennis was sent to Malta as a Squadron Leader at age 22.Although, possibly bipolar, he writes eloquently about the beauty of the island and the horror of his position. Clare was lent a copy of this book by the Author's sister-in-law, her neighbour in Lymington, although didn't read it until she went to Malta with Neil and his Mum to visit his birth place and the church where he was christened. Since returning she has visited Diana, the pilot's wife who lives in a nursing home in Lymington, she enjoyed the opportunity to chat about Dennis (the pilot).

What Winds You Up?
"As a retired teacher, Michael give.....such an arse!"

What Makes Me Happy?
Being in company, especially with Neil and the kids. Seeing my kids progressing successfully and happily in their world.

Fav. Food
It depend how hungry I am or what I've eaten. I like both beef Wellington and Genoese sponge gateaux.

Who Would I Like to Spend an Hour With?
My Father - He died when I was about forty-five, but I didn't really know much about him.He was married to my Mum for fifty years.

Sailing Experience:
A brief intro. in my Dad's Solo at age thirteen. Dinghies at Uni, Bought an Osprey with Neil, then 505, Fireball, Laser 4000, RS400, RS800, RS300. Keel boats from 2004 onwards. Organised Youth training at Royal Lymington YC. Moving on to J80. Did ladies keelboat regattas for four years.

What's Your Fav. Book?
It's more about the most influential book for me and the huge effect it had on the second part of my career, and therefore helped me get here (ie. St Vincent on a sunny day).
Of equal importance:
- The Goal by Eli Goldratt
- From Good to Great by Tim Collins
If you are in any sort of business they are must reads.

What Winds Me Up?
1) People who are unnecessarily and inconsiderately noisy in quiet places.

2) Newspapers who are knowing supporting politicians who are distorting the truth.

But in reality I don't get wound up very often.

Fav. Food
Nothing is really fav. but having been out of the UK for a few weeks...any classic British Pub grub, - EG. steak, fish pie or steak pie and chips. Followed by a steamed pudding and custard.

Who Would I like to Spend an Hour With?
This question is about the living or the dead, but I would be content with time with my family and friends rather than celebrity or historic superstar.

Sail Experience
As Clare's, except for ladies keelboat. Also should mention the enjoyable years watching the kids compete in youth sailing events. I learnt a lot and made many long term friends. My sailing is mainly focused on racing, but the "Dark Side" works for me in hot places (Med, Caribbean). Although, less for me on a wet and windy day in the UK.

What Makes Me Happy
Currently, a variety of outdoor sports and activities with my family and trusted friends. Also, when I was at work, I go great satisfaction from deveoping other people and processes that resulted in greatly improved company performance.

Tonight we sail for St Lucia. We had briefly entertained the possibility of stopping on the coast of St Vincent on the West side, but current advice is that this is risky and the last yachtsman killed was only a couple of weeks ago, this month. A sad reflection on a friendly country, although the Govt. web site highlights cocaine and marijuana tafficking as being responsible for the majority of the crime in St Vincent.

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