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Date: 22 Mar 2016 16:03:59
Title: Bequia

13:00:6N 061:14:6W

Anchored for a couple of days in a beautiful setting Admiralty Bay. The bottom is very weedy, so it is essential to drop your anchor in a sandy spot to dig in. We checked and spent a comfortable night, only to find when the wind blew up the next day that we were dragging. In thirty five knots of wing we could clearly see the bottom, so took a mooring. $60EC a night (£15). We have taken laundry ashore to collect later today($25EC a load) washed dried and folded and replaced the sail slider webbing at the top of the main sail and on the top batten pocket. 

There are many boats Anchored here, but surprising few people venture ashore in the evening. All but two of the many restaurants were closed as we made our way back to WD.

The island is preparing for their annual Easter Regatta when the local 24 feet, double ended boats compete with up to nine crew and five trapeze.

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