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Date: 16 Mar 2016 19:03:03
Title: Arrived Grenada

12:02:6N 061:44:9W

Goodbye Trinidad, Hello Grenada

Having completed our "To Do" list, major items fixing furling gear, spray hood and bimini sewing and alternator engine battery charging, we set off for Grenada. What a great place to visit, amazing wild life. Great friends and anything can be fixed on your boat. Robert was especially helpful in getting us sorted. It was lovely to catch up with June and Bride's families.: Nicole, Chris, Gillian  and Timmy. A shame we could not see their parents too. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming last time we were here. It almost seems like a second home!

It was all a little rushed, Crendol fixed the engine, we launched dealt with the surly costumes officer and we're away all within an hour. We notified the Coast Guard just before we left. We had sent a passage plan with our details to them and they then radioed en route to check we were OK, as this is a pirate hot spot.

Our passage was lumpy but quick, we knocked a few hours off our eta and arrived at 0830. Just in time for breakfast after customs and immigration.  Formalities are so easy and straight forward here.

We met with Eric and Julia from SY Luna Quest who joined us for lunch and a couple of bottles of prosecco. A short snooze was needed after our night crossing and the prosecco just relaxed me enough, zzzzz!

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