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Date: 07 Mar 2016 01:08:00
Title: Trinidad

10:40:7N 061:37:8W

Sunday 6th March 2016

Arrived and paid Immigration overtime. Completed a circumnavigation beginning and ending in Trinidad. I have to get home for it to count.

Celebrating at Crews Inn, Chagauramus. Trinidad.

Lots to sort out on WD. Bill says I've done the washing and ironing. I off home. Ben however is off to Colombia.

End of Passage Report Ben Pitman
Captains comment:
A super member of the crew, picks up things first time with sailing. Sewing and cooking stunning.

Sailing: A competent watch leader. I slept soundly knowing I had handed over to Ben.

Social and cooking: Always ready to help in any way he can. A star! Please come back to crew again.

Follow repairs etc on WD Fb group.

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