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Date: 02 Mar 2016 12:26:12
Title: To Trinidad

06:21:5N 051:29:3W
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
I am not too sure how magnificent we are, but we have been flying this last twenty four hours. The current is with us, the wind is about twenty knots, just forward of the beam and we are doing seven to eight knots over the ground. If this continues, we will be in Trinidad on the 6th, now that will be a surprise!
Bow Wave Dolphins
We had a visit from  some Risso’s dolphins (also known as Grampus) yesterday. I haven’t seen them before, no beaks and a much pronounced forehead, with a back curving dorsal fin. They stayed about fifteen minutes, gambling about in the bow wave. They are just like kids at break time, charging around the playground and sliding on the ice. What a privilege to see these amazing creatures up close.
Do You Know What These Are?
We have had some strange pink objects floating passed. I am convinced they are egg sacks, but none of us have seen them before. They are bright pink and membranous, see through on the sides and about the size of a rugby ball. We saw them all day yesterday, every few minutes another one would float passed on the surface. They are not easy to see and are along side or too far out before a decent photo could be taken. They are such a bright shade pink that initially, we were sure they were a child’s toy was drifting out to sea. I will post a photo on Fb when we get to Trinidad, that may help with identification.
Yesterday’s unreported, Miles travelled in the last 24 hour: 154 miles
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 165 miles
Miles to go: 749 miles

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