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Date: 01 Mar 2016 11:54:43
Title: To Trinidad

05:01:5N 048:50:5W
Tuesday 1st March
Pinch, Punch, First of the Month, No Returns
Wandering dream has passed Brasil and is currently approx. one hundred miles off the coast of French Guiana.
30,000 Miles!
We have reached the next land mark mileage on this adventure, thirty thousand miles clicked over. Estimating ahead, we will have travelled approximately thirty-five thousand miles plus, by the time we get home. I wonder how many years of wear and tear that would be for someone’s boat who was not circumnavigating?
Sewing Marathon Completed
Ben and Bill worked tirelessly yesterday to sew the spray hood window back to the fabric, it seems the stitching has UV damage and is falling apart. Yet another job for Trinidad. We will be regular customers for the sail maker at Powerboats.
Lunar Quest Befuddled
Lunar Quest raced through the night with full sails convinced that WD had gone passed her. Unfortunately, I had given the wrong longitude and they thought we had surged ahead one hundred and twenty miles. Unlike Donald Crowhurst and the Teignmouth Electron, I mistakenly gave the wrong coordinates, we are not pretending to be ahead. It is important that Lunar Quest know our accurate position as in the unlikely event of an emergency we may need to support them, or vice-versa.
No Rain Again Yesterday!
Miles travelled in the Last

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