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Date: 28 Feb 2016 12:35:44
Title: To Trinidad

02:21:9N 044:35:5W
Sunday 28th February 2016
Wet and Windy
We are passing through the ITCZ / Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. This is equatorial and all the warm damp air rises cools and condenses, while more warm damp air rushes in to replace it and so the system accelerates and feeds on itself.  Hence, thundery wet weather. We are now about halfway across the Amazon Estuary, we have been going across for a couple of days already and it is BIG. Hopefully the weather is due to improve as we move back into the NE Trade winds, where the air comes down drier, cooler and with fewer squalls. Today's lesson endeth here.
No Fresh Water Showers
With the NE blowing from 60-70 degrees at about twenty knots, we are all waiting to turn slightly west and get calmer sailing. The salt spray is whipping over the deck and preventing a much needed fresh water shower. Just a couple of hundred miles before we turn on to the next leg, taking us five hundred miles to Trinidad.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 126 miles
Miles to go: 1215 miles

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