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Date: 27 Feb 2016 13:20:20
Title: To Trinidad

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Saturday 27th February 2016
We will be halfway by lunchtime 1275 miles. Celebrating with a shower, clean bedding, half a beer and some soft cheese – small pleasures I know, but they mean a lot on a twenty day plus passage. We have crossed the Equator and are back in the Northern Hemisphere, it does feel closer to home!
Equatorial Celebrations
Our Equatorial celebrations went off in fine style, but were brought to an abrupt end by a large and windy squalls that dumped on us for at least forty five minutes. It was day light, so seeing it coming we were able to scamper up and reef prior to the wind hitting us. Ben’s cinnamon rolls were delicious and are still being enjoyed, his corned beef hash was woofed done too and hopefully Neptune enjoyed his few drops of 12 year old Aberlour and Pontefract Cake.
Jobs On Passage
Bill and Ben have been sewing the spray hood and frayed Q flag. It seems they are up for sewing anything that is looking frayed; I have therefore trimmed my moustache neatly, on the grounds that my lips are just under it and they think I talk too much anyway.
Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 133 miles
Distance to go: as 1275 miles

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