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Date: 25 Feb 2016 12:23:42
Title: To Trinidad

01:40:6S 039:06:9W
Thursday 25th February 2017
Noddy Revisited
We were inundated by noddies last night. At one point we had fifteen perching on WD. Boom, guard rail, spray hood, bimini, solar panel, even Denis’ underpants hanging out to dry, had a bird sitting on them. I wanted a photo for Fb, but it took off as I approached. Denis is spooked by the birds, he can’t get passed Alfred’s Hitchcock’s interpretation, so this would have been a great tease.
Phaleron Makes Contact
Kai, on his Joshua, SY Phaleron made contact via satellite email yesterday. He is at much the same latitude but just under a thousand miles further west. He missed us a St Helena by a week and is heading straight for the Caribbean. Sadly not Trinidad, but I hope we will catch up with him when Martina joins him in March.
Lots of squalls still going through. Wind jumping from ten knots to thirty plus as they hit us with lashing rain; then once we have reefed it, passes by and all is peace and quiet again. Leaving us to dry off. With the sea and air temperature around thirty degrees, wearing waterproofs is a sweaty, uncomfortable experience – we have adopted the get wet and air dry philosophy. At night it doesn’t work too well.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 153 miles
Miles to go: 1630

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