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Date: 24 Feb 2016 13:11:43
Title: To Trinidad

03:06:5S 037:04:8W
Wednesday 24th February 2016
The Amazon Estuary
As we approach this amazing place we have to be tactical in our approach. We have planned a route which keeps us approximately one hundred miles off shore, minimising the risk of debris, tree trunks and branches are common in these waters. Reducing the amount of silt in the water and enabling us to continue making our own water – showering has become an essential every few days in these warm tropical climate. Most importantly, as this is an active area for piracy, we wish to far enough out that we cannot be easy reached. We are also aware that being closer inshore, w run the risk of reverse currents. We are mostly getting about a two knot boost, sometimes more.
Wet, Wet, Wet
Yesterday was wet all day, squalls coming through one after another. The night was lit up by lightning, luckily well in the distance. I worry we may catch up with it. We all got rather wet during our night watches, my Musto MPX waterproofs are no longer what they were and don't keep much out. I guess they were not designed for this type of bashing.
Pen Portrait: Ben Pitman (Knot Bill’s son)
Fav. Three Books:
Great Escape – Monty Hall
Think Fast, Act Slow
Richard Branson’s Autobiography
Fav Food:
Double Anglotti
What makes him happy?
Good food, Good Friends and Nice Places
What winds him up?
Cruelty and opinionated ignorance.
Operations Manager: Medical Support Off Shore
Most Likely to Played by in the WD Film:
Rupert Gint
Miles travelled in the last 23 hours: 142 miles (Comparative sailing novice Ben has successfully completed his first lone watch! This means the nearest end of watch log record is 0000 – 2300. Back to twenty four hours tomorrow 2300 - 2300)
Miles to go: 1787 miles

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