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Date: 23 Feb 2016 12:33:12
Title: To Trinidad

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Tuesday 23rd February 2016
No Cutting Edge
I was up the mast yesterday and lost my Leatherman knife overboard – luckily it fell overboard rather than on anyone’s head. The one school had engraved for me as a leaving present. I had it tied on but this came undone. Yet another upsetting loss. But a very useful knife, it has been used again and again, so I will try and replace it in Trinidad. Bill has offered me his and will leave it on the boat, but if I can get one in Trinidad I would rather do that, as I don’t want the responsibility of perhaps losing his.
Tuesday Cheeseday Today
We bought three soft cheeses in Salvador. We have planned to ration them to one a week. So this morning after our freshly made yogurt was consumed, the soft cheese was removed from the fridge ready for lunch and a treat.
Ben’s Pen Portrait
Tomorrow I will introduce Ben Pitman, he will also be doing his first lone watch tonight. Let’s hope there are fewer squalls coming through and less reefing needed, otherwise it could be a long night for me, the arrangement is that the watch keeper calls on the last watch for assistance.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 156 miles
Miles to go: 1927 miles

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