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Date: 21 Feb 2016 12:17:26
Title: To Trinidad

09:27:0S 034:34:3W
Sunday 21st February 2016
Beating up the Shore of Brazil
We have been on one tack for the last 24 hours. We are sailing at 70 degrees to the wind and making just enough to the west to pass the bulge by Recife. The waves are lumpy and a couple green ones made it into the cockpit early this morning. Our watches for the day are: 0000 – 0400 Bill, 0400-0800 Ben and Me, 0800 – 1100 Denis, 1100 – 1400 Bill, 1400 – 1700 Me, 1700 – 2000 Ben,
2000 – 0000 Denis.
Stitched Up
Ben and Bill re-stitched the Spray hood broken stitches before we left Salvador. It was hit by heavy spray during the night and stood the test. It looks like they have earned themselves the job of any further stitching that needs doing.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 114 miles
Miles to go: 2144 miles

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