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Date: 19 Feb 2016 12:04:51
Title: To Trinidad

12:10:4S 037:09:.8W
Friday 19th February 2016
A Good Sailing Breeze?
We are beating up the coast of Brazil, tacking every twenty miles or so. The sea is lumpy and with the hatches shut, the heat of the day and smell of the engine, below decks is not the most pleasant place to be. Our new crew Knot Bill and Ben are getting a taste of how unpleasant it can feel at sea. Hopefully, once around the wide part of S America near Recife, we can run with the wind and the motion will cease to be like a fair ground ride, but that is two days away. We’d better grit our teeth and accept it is the way it is.
Miles travelled, some on course, in the last 24 hours: 83 miles
Miles to go: 2351 miles

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