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Date: 18 Feb 2016 12:36:36
Title: To Trinidad

12:30:4S 037:51:4W
Thursday 18th February 2016
Departed Brazil
We finally got the furling gear and new forestay reassembled and departed at 1630 yesterday. We were due to accompany Eric and Julia on Lunar Quest – another Rival 38A. They left on Tuesday and are therefore a day and a bit ahead. We are in twice daily SSB / long distance radio contact and sharing positions wind speed etc. They seem to be further off the coast than us and getting better wind, so we will try to edge our way off shore. The wind is currently from the east so it is difficult to make progress in that direction.
Lunar Quest is part of the World Arc fleet and we have meet them and followed them around most of the world. I first met Eric in Burseldon on the SSB radio training course.
Salvador old town is very pretty. But the coast going north looks more like I imagine the Miami shore line to look, with high rise apartments stretching for miles.
Miles since we departed 2300 last night: 29 miles
miles to go: 2434 miles

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