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Date: 07 Sep 2014 17:02:31
Title: Cadiz

We are in Puerto America Cadiz. Arrived yesterday Saturday 7th September 2014.
Cadiz is an old city with small streets all higgledy piggledy, stretching up to give a narrow view of the blue sky. Many small shops, bars restaurants and mostly Spanish people. Few people speak English so we are doing our best with the phrase book. The history dates back to thousands of years here and the British have invaded/ransacked the town on and off during the last few centuries. A bit of a revelation for me, I had heard of it’s maritime history with the battle of Trafalgar, but I knew little more about it. We have to spend a couple of days here as my boat insurance has just been renewed and the very friendly harbour master pointed out that my certificate expired today. So as we are not allowed to enter a port without proof of insurance in Spanish, we are a bit stuck until I can get a copy emailed and printed. But to be stuck here is no hardship, it is such a wonderfully beautiful town. We had a good wind and sail South from Mazagon yesterday, made the 47 miles in ten hours. Hopefully by Tuesday we will be leaving for Barbate on the way to Gibraltar.

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