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Date: 08 Feb 2016 11:59:49
Title: Brazil Next

13:37:6S 034:43:2W
Almost There
Two days to go, hopefully in port Wednesday morning. We will motor on and off to keep our average speed up at five knots.
Gary Clements - End of Passage Report
Personal and Social
Gary likes to be the crew clown, always happy to have a laugh. He is such a happy cheeky chap and will chat the hind leg off a donkey - Perfect for WD crew! So laid back and relaxed, could he be from the Caribbean?
Knocks up some great grub, but has a tendency to sneak a little cheese, especially when on night watch and no one is looking.
Great expertise and knowledge, happy to muck in and do just about anything. A safe pair of hands when needed.
Skippers Comments
What a star! Having three people on board who are normally skippers was a small concern, but we all gel and the happy atmosphere for this passage has again been a joy.
Thank you Gary I’d welcome you on board at any time.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 106 miles
Miles to go: 273 miles

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