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Date: 06 Feb 2016 12:13:44
Title: Brazil Next

14:06:5S 031:00:8W
Being There – Time Zone
We have established that Brazil is three hours ahead of GMT / UT.
Time zone is GMT -3 in Salvador.
Confusion will be because in 2011 and 2012 they did have daylight savings time so were at GMT-2 at some time.  Since 2013 there is no daylight savings time.
Thanks Jen for the info. and Brownie pints points earned when you join us as crew.
How Civilised - Afternoon Tea / The Tough Life
They say an army marches on its stomach, does WD’s crew sail on cakes? Delicious fruit cakes have been sent out to the crew on numerous occasions, Hilary alone has so far baked and sent seven cakes. Our four o’clock ritual is tea and cake, no matter how we try to ration the cake we always finish it before the end of the passage. Sadly, hard tack from here on in! In rough weather it is the most sustaining of foods, when every thing conspires to stop us cooking. Thank you Hilary.
Hilary, Big Time Brownie points earned.
Hooray! The Wind is Here Today!
Blowing since 2000 hours last night. We have been making very pleasing progress since then.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 121 miles
Miles to go: 509 miles

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