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Date: 03 Feb 2016 10:56:33
Title: To Brazil

14:46:3S 025:17:1W
Hot, Hot, Hot!
Last night was warm with  light winds. The temperature has slowly crept up the water temp and air temp is about the same,at a little over 27 degrees centigrade. Unless we have the engine on when below decks it creeps up to over 30! The light winds mean we are having to use the engine to charge the batteries at least three hours a day. We are trying to do this each morning so that it is cooler at night when you need to sleep. my cabin especially is like an oven until about midnight, twelve hours after switching off the engine.
Our celebrations lasted all of five minutes, we even broke out a new bottle of S.Africa’s favourite Mrs H S Balls, Hot Chutney  / Sterk Blatjang to go with the after dinner cheddar and crackers. It is good to be over half-way now as it always seems to go quicker from here in.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 116 miles
Miles to go: 834 miles

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