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Date: 01 Feb 2016 10:14:50
Title: Brazil Next

15:08:9S 021:15:7W
Monday 1st February 2016
Pinch, Punch, First of the Month and no Returns!
At Last
The wind came back last night and we have be going great guns ever since. We are still ahead of schedule and this should help to keep us there. The waves have built up slightly, which is inevitable with more wind, and we are rolling more, but still comfortable. Breakfast in sunshine, in the cockpit, cafetiere / coffee press as well.
Many of you may have read their account of the travels in “Wanderer.” Crew member David Whitaker, has been recently been reading their account and sent me much appreciated extracts from St Helena and it seems not much has changed since their voyage in 1953, when they were swinging ashore in just the same way we did. We encountered dolphins again yesterday, we still get excited about seeing them, but this is what the Hiscock’s encountered after leaving St Helena:
One interesting thing that happened to them was they were attacked by a
spearfish - 1,000lbs with a three-foot spear: they can swim at nearly 70
mph. It attacked them over the taffrail and became wedged in their twin
bobstays securing the bumkin to the hull - it tore one of the rods off.
They can do serious damage: Hiscock says "..in the British museum there is
a piece of timber twenty-two inches thick completely transfixed by the
spear of one of the powerful and belligerent creatures."
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 125 miles
To go: 1081 miles. We should reach half-way tonight.

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