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Date: 31 Jan 2016 11:06:06
Title: Brazil Next

15:20:1S 016:55:3W
Sunday 31st January 2016
No Wind
Another quiet night, the wind came up a little on at the end of Gary's watch and stayed for all of mine, before dying during Theo's.
Sea Games
We broke out the dominoes yesterday. They were used on the last Atlantic crossing, even those who claim to not be competitive or enjoy games, humoured me and got stuck in. There is something quite surreal about playing a game a thousand miles from land and habitation. Could this be the beginning of civilisation in mid-Atlantic? If you remotely interested, we are playing to the Block / Draw rules.
Galley sink pump rubber split now stuck. It turns out the service kit is for my manual bilge pump, a Henderson Mk 5 and not the galley sink pump, a Whale Gusher.
Miles travelled in the last twenty-four hours: 102 miles
To go: 1204 miles

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