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Date: 29 Jan 2016 09:58:00
Title: Brazil next

15:34:7S 015:12:4W
Time Zone
We have reached the 15 degree mark and our clocks will go back an hour today. The last couple of nights the sun hasn’t even set when we are still having dinner. We will be three hours behind the Uk by the time we arrive in Salvador, this is the first hour to go back.
Passing Like Ships in the Night
A couple of ships came up on AIS but the nearest passed 7 miles from us. The info. said it was going to: “Loop,” I’m not sure if that’s a place or what they are doing. The night before a ship passed which had info saying “Not under command” A little more worrying!
Recharging Our Batteries
The wind was predicted to drop over the next couple of days and it h now has. Currently we have the engine on charging the batteries. We are doing this for a couple of hours each day as going down wind in light wind the wind generator is not hugely efficient. The Solar panel is producing 6-7 amps when the sun is shining, this pretty much balances out all we have running during the day (fridge, plotter, gps, VHF and AIS all going 24/7). When the engine is running we run the water maker too, so as not to drain the batteries further. But at night we lose and by morning we need to recharge the batteries. In twenty knots of wind we make enough for all our needs.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 146 miles
Miles to go: 1425 miles

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