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Date: 27 Jan 2016 09:48:47
Title: Bound for Brazil

15:49:0S 010:14:3W
Wednesday 27th January 2016
A Fairy Visit for WD
At 0300 after change of watch, Theo looked on as we were circled by a fairy tern. After several circuits it spotted the solar panel landing area and skidded to a halt gripping the edge. Where it spent a few hours resting and recuperating. This is the second night we have been visited, but our first landing. As day dawned an inspection established no payment or deposit had been left for its perch.
Squalls Begin Our Day
Windy showers swept through this morning, bringing sudden gusts from other directions. WD gybed unexpectedly and snapped both preventer and block tie, both have now been reinstated. Unexpected gybes are something all the crew are aware of and therefore we do not hover near the boom or mainsheet traveller when gusts are coming. “ Well, that was a funny five minutes,” summed up Gary our helmsman on watch.
Promised Trade Winds Deliver
The Trade Winds have been consistently blowing and given us 15-20 knots throughout the night. The result is a good days mileage. Long may that continue.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 141 miles
Miles to go: 1716 miles

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