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Date: 26 Jan 2016 11:04:10
Title: Bound for Brazil

15:53:0S 007:53:W
We Sail,
The miles slip under our bow.
During the day we are the albatross wing,
skimming over the waves.
At night the whale’s shadow,
Gliding over sea mounts and hidden valleys.
From St Helena;
That Zulu King and Napoleonic jail,
Where four thousand friendly souls spend their cheerful lives,
and fairy tern and tropic bird plummet with monsters of the deep to blue and sun pierced depths.
Then to Salvador, Brazil, the World Heritage slave town of old.
A Thought from Theo
Starting our second leg of the voyage to Brazil, I’ve had time to reflect on the new experience of long distance sailing. It’s all been very amicable on board so far so I thought I would spice things up by insulting the rest of the crew in my thoughts on long distance sailing below:
The Retirement Home on the Sea
It's  peculiar life on board a boat like this. I can see why dad likes it, you're so cut off from the world that you only really need to worry about the essentials (Have I eaten enough? Have I drunk enough water? Are we still heading in the right direction?). To me it kind of feels like how imagine being retired will be - sleeping a lot, reading a lot and eating a lot of tinned food - except on the sea. Although, the rest of the crew are 60+ years old and retired, so that maybe very different on other crossings. I’m enjoying the pseudo-retired lifestyle and if this is what it’s like, I’m sure, when this trips over, I’ll be counting down the days until I can retire for real... By my reckoning, I’ve only got about another 12000 days of work left to go!
A quiet and warm night with a couple of showers.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 127
Miles to go: 1790 miles

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