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Date: 20 Jan 2016 11:12:07
Title: St Helena Next

18:00:5S 003:21:4W
St Helena Radio
We should be in range of 1546khz Saints Commuinity Radio by now, but currently we are not picking up even a jingle from their transmissions. We’ll try again after lunch.
The Gentle Lapping of Waves
The sun is shining, the wind has practically disappeared and the regular throb of the engine can be heard purring over the calm blue seas.
Great Fishing!
We have done some great fishing, but still have not caught anything. Perhaps as we approach land there will be more life in the sea. Currently the three mile deep sea seems devoid of anything but the occasional miniscule flying fish.
The Herald of Land
Yesterday we saw our first Tropic Bird. They only fly a couple of hundred miles out so sea and are therefore an indication that we are approaching land.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 113 miles
Miles to St Helena: 237 miles

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