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Date: 18 Jan 2016 13:53:19
Title: St Helena Next

20:28:8S 000:3:3W
Boat Spotting
We saw our first boat in the early hours last night. CK Bluebird, a 220m long cargo ship bound for Singapore. We haven't seen any
ships since leaving Cape Town.

Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time
We passed the 000 degrees meridian today. Our clocks have gone back and as we are in line with Greenwich we are UK time, as we will be in St Helena.
Slow progress
The winds have dropped as forecast and we had to start the engine for a few hours last night. The engine has a clock so you can work out how long it has run for, with the engine being the original fitted to WD in 1977 it is amazing to think it is still going and just clocked up 10,000 hours running time. That says a lot for Daimler Benz and marinised taxi engines. Fingers crossed and touch wood it keeps going now. I also clocked up 26,000 miles on this circumnavigation yesterday (roughly the circumference of the Earth). What a lot of miles stones are being ticked off on this leg.
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 134 miles
miles to St Helena: 476 miles

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