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Date: 16 Jan 2016 13:45:12
Title: St Helena Next

23:25:6S 002:54:5E
Public Holiday Announced for Mid-Ocean Celebrations
All the people populating this part of the world turned out to celebrate the birthday of Skipper Steve Litson today. They dined in grand style on a dinner of sardine pasta (cooked by Gary) and washed down with the obligatory beer.
A Cold Snatch
The sun is shining but a cold wind is cutting up from the South Pole forcing us to don fleeces. It is however, moving us at a good pace towards St Helena.
Fresh Fish Delivered
Two flying fish were found on on the deck this morning, we suspect an early birthday present for Steve who turned his nose up at their stiff little bodies.
St Helenians? Heleniers? Helenise?
That I don’t know what to call them probably comes as no surprise.
What is the group name for St. Helena’s population?
I’ll have to judge from their irritation as I try each variation.

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