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Date: 15 Jan 2016 13:53:38
Title: St Helena Next

24:53:9S 004:49:5E
Blinking Batteries!
I know I am in the wrong! The last time I checked the battery electrolyte level was in Cairns four months ago and guess what they are in bad need of topping up. first job this morning was to top up all the domestic batteries. They had begun to loose voltage. I know I should have checked them monthly! But they required no fluid until Cairns and suddenly they loose a lot. Weekly checks for this month now, until I can trust they have let me down. We started the engine and charged for three hours, fingers crossed, they seem ok at present.
Halfway Reached
Last night was they halfway point. We are making great progress, long may that continue.
Pen Portrait:
Gary Clements (yacht owner of 24 years and an Atlantic Circuit under his belt)
Fav. Two Books:
Grapes of Wrath
Road to Wigan
Fav Food:
Cereal Bar on watch at night in Mid Atlantic
What makes him happy?
Sailing in the middle of the Atlantic
What winds him up?
People who don’t suffer fools gladly
Retired, retail for 35 years
Most Likely to Played by in the WD Film:
Benny Hill (as his character in the Italian Job)
MIles travelled in the last 24 hours: 149 miles
Miles to St Helena: 881 miles

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