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Date: 14 Jan 2016 12:21:15
Title: St Helena Next

26:31:9S 006:59:3E
Who Are The New Crew
Over the next two days I will give you a brief pen portrait of Theo and Gary
Theo Litson (Skipper’s Middle Son)
Fav. Three Books:
Picture of Dorian Grey
Red Rising
Thinking Fast and Slow
Fav Food:
What makes him happy?
Good food, Good Company, Good Whisky
What winds him up?
The sound of a noisy eater.
Research Manager for Tech. Start-up company.
Most Likely to Played by in the WD Film:
A Gazelle – Theo’s energetic leaping from his bunk when WD rolls, gave Gary the idea he was A.Gazelle in his past life.
A good days sailing.
The current appears to run with us for twelve hours and then against us, so it cannot be tidal.
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 148 miles
Miles to St Helena: 1030

Diary Entries