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Date: 12 Jan 2016 13:47:53
Title: St Helena Next

29:30:5S 011:11:0E
Another good day. We all have our sea legs now. The wind and waves have gone down a bit and the motion is much more pleasant. We experienced our first starry night at sea on this passage, it was so mesmerising, seeing so much more than one can on land. several shooting stars too.
The saga of the toilet continues... We seem to have bust one of the hinges that hold the seat to the pan, so we are now bracing ourselves so as not to slide off. Once we get to St Helena, or if we have a calm day, I will make a hinge from aluminium so that it won’t break again. I guess the seat is just too flimsy for our big b**s!
We should be swept along by the Benguela Current which runs north about two hundred miles off the coast of West Africa at 0.5 – 2 knots. However, it seems to run against us for at least half the day. Denis has a theory that it may be tidal. It is cloudy to day and the wind quite chilly, since it is blowing from Antarctica, what is surprising is that it is not colder.
MIles travelled in the last 24 hours: 137 miles
Miles to St Helena: 1332 miles

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