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Date: 09 Jan 2016 11:13:17
Title: Cape Town

35:55:1S  018:26:6E 

Goodbye Cape Town - The Windy City

Having arrived in fog and then nearly 50 knot winds we were pleased to spend a couple of days relaxing and getting ready for the next big passage. Victualling done and refuelled, we enjoyed a day as tourists. 

An Ethiopian restaurant in Long Street saw us eating with our hands. Surprise, surprise next day three of us with stomach bugs. Although as the crew are quick to point out, Theo and I were already suffering. The restaurant was amazing with Afican souvenir clad tree house dining and genuine Ethiopian fare and so inexpensive. 

Now mostly recovered we are off to St Helena a sail of approximately fourteen days. The new crew Gary and Theo have settled in well and we are all excited to be underway.

The wind in the Royal Cape Yacht Club never dropped below thirty knots for the whole of our stay. Leaving was a complex maneuver involving warps as pivots to ensure we were not blown onto to yachts opposite before we got underway and had steerage.

Now a couple of miles offshore the wind has dropped to sensible levels or practically nothing (5 knots) and a smooth ride.

What will the next adventure bring. We already have a contact to meet. An acquaintance in Simon's Town, a pop photographer gave us a photo to deliver...anyone heard of Jackanory a folk rock band? We now have their cd to familiarise us with their music.

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