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Date: 01 Dec 2015 06:21:00
Title: Safely Arrived Port Elizabeth

33:58:0S 025:58:0E

The Agulhas Current
We found the current, up to four and a half knots at times. Our personal record breaking twenty four hour run was a massive 211 miles. I'm sure that will stand for a long time. Denis and I clocked up 40 miles and Bryony's racing demeanor produced the most with 41 miles on our four hour watches.

As the day broke we found ourselves in thick fog. Denis was not amused at being rudely awoken by our fog horn sounding. We were surrounded by six other yachts that we could see on ais. I was not sure if there were others not on ais. Radar on we quickly saw that was all. The wind had also died, we motor sailed and lead the fleet into Angoa YC, Port Elizabeth.

As we came into harbour at a sedate five knots, we were a little surprised that gentlemanly conduct was thrown out the window and the larger yachts rushed passed grabbing the moorings on the fishermans wharf. Luckily, our diminutive size enabled us to secure a walk ashore berth on a marina pontoon.

Within forty five minutes of arriving, Cedric had arrived and whisked us off in his Land River Defender to local watering holes. Promising off road and elephant safaris over the next couple of days. Luckily a local chiropractor seems to have worked magic on Cedric's neck and he was back to his normal great company, all pain gone.

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