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Date: 29 Nov 2015 10:48:13
Title: Port Elizabeth Next

32:35:5S 028:58:1E
We found the current, then lost it again! We are in it again now. Current hunting is an art! We used the sea temperature, as it rose we knew we were getting close to the max current, as it dropped we knew we had gone too far. A present the current seems to be all outside the 1000m contour. Not the 200m as the Southern Africa Cruising Notes book says. Three knots of current on top of our boat speed, sometimes more. We have a good breeze and are making excellent progress.
Miles travelled in 24 hours: 177 miles
Miles to go to Port Elizabeth: 220 miles
This could be a record breaking passage!
I managed 34 miles in a four hour watch, WD can fly!

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