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Date: 03 Sep 2014 19:47:48
Title: Leaving Lagos.


Denis arrived on schedule and in good spirits. We are planning to leave tomorrow Thursday 4th  September 2014.
We have a couple of goods to do first:

1. Measure up and fit an exhaust temperature sensor and alarm. Just in case a v-belt breaks, we would quickly know and shut the the engine rather than melting the exhaust. Then replace with a new belt.
We have now fitted, the sensor and alarm arrived with no 200ma fuse. It took seven attempts in different shops before a very helpful old lady opened up an Aladdin's Den of electronic parts and provided the fuse and holder. Safely she said she may have to close the shop due to lack of custom Neil at Bluewater Marine was very excited saying I'll buy the lot!

2. There is lots of weed growing on the bottom of Wandering Dream. I had intended to dive and scrub it off. But both Denis and Neil assure me the self polishing  antifouling will strip off once we at sea again.

Weather permitting our plan is to sail to an anchorage near Faro. Here there is a sand island with a population of 3000. There are no roads and no access apart from dinghy. There is a restaurant and bar so that is where we hope to be this time tomorrow. It is approximately 45 miles from here and there is 5-10 knots of wind forecast.

A great big thank you, firstly to Gary Clements of S/V Arcarius for his generosity in helping me with some bits of equipment and charts. Also for his company over the last couple of weeks. He has already expressed an interest in joining me and Scott sail from S.Africa to Brazil.

Thanks also to all of you who have said how much you enjoyed Penny's contributions to the blog. I'm afraid you have me back until the next Penny Chronicles over Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago. I know tough life!

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