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Date: 14 Nov 2015 08:33:30
Title: Durban here we come

27:54:4S 041:25:7E
The forecast is showing a low creeping up the S African coast, due to be off Durban Monday. The faster yachts in our group are either going for it and trying to beat the inevitable storm, or slowing to sit it out, outside the Agulhas current. It is not that often that our slow passage making is a source of joy, but currently I am relieved to say we are outside of the danger zone and if the forecast is correct the low will have fizzled out prior to our arrival. Yet again proof WD knows what she is doing.
Three Course Celebration
Our half-way celebrations produced a three course meal yesterday lunch time, followed by a can of Mauritius Phoenix beer. Cheese and pineapple on a stick, sausage casserole, followed by cheese and biscuits – All cheesed out? Perhaps a cheese free day today!
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 121 miles
Miles to Durban: 633 miles

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