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Date: 11 Nov 2015 09:03:54
Title: Off Madagsacar

26:11:3S 047:58:6E
Wednesday 11th November 2015
Wind Dies Away
We have reached that point where if it were strong winds we would be in the thick of some big seas. Luckily the wind has dropped and we are motoring....I never do like stormy weather! Unfortunately, the promised South Equatorial Current which is running East to West seems to have reversed for us and we have one, to one and a half knots against us. Boy, that does slow you down! We are only making about 4.5 knots over ground.
SSB Net Support
How brilliant to be in contact with all those people near us twice a day. We have already been given the email address of Durban Marina, apparently it is important to book, a point that we had missed. Also, those yachts getting better current than us (ie positive, in the right direction), have been able to offer advice on our coarse to help us find the flowing waters. The sense of camaraderie is strong and we eagerly await the broadcasts and chats to compare notes and our day/night at sea. This is helped no doubt, because we all met prior to setting off and had a pot luck supper together in Reunion Marina. We can now put a face to everyone on the net. 

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