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Date: 09 Aug 2014 22:40:00
Title: Lagos - Penny's last blog before leaving for home.

Last Penny blog

So, Sheryl and I bought souvenirs. The Portuguese cock features significantly in all Portuguese souvenirs it appears......there's a story about it crowing and this being the sign that a man convicted of stealing was innocent; Theo will hate his gift as he has an irrational hatred of chickens. Oscar will love his gift as he works with chickens. Josh is probably so busy getting his house ready to move into next weekend that he may not even recognise the chickeniness of his gift!

We had a perfect meal at the Italian restaurant, and slept heavily ( barring the inevitable loo run). 

During the last three days we have  struck up a good relationship with the waitress at Cais J cafe at the marina, from our frequent and extended visits each day, great breakfast menus (and happy hour). It was important to make sure she would continue to look after Steve once we three left, so we spent an hour or so on our last morning eating scrambled eggs, toast and croissants, drinking the best orange juice, then moving seamlessly on to crepes, whilst trying, unsuccessfully to check in for our flights home. We were there so long that the owner brought us pastries "on the house". A shame we were all rather too full to do them justice!

By the time we had packed our monster bags with all the clothes we hadn't worn, (and the  few we had!) chilled in the cockpit, and I'd tapped out a bit of blog, it was 4.00 and our taxi was waiting. 

With heavy heart, we waved a sad good bye to...the bucket. It had been a short but meaningful relationship, a holiday romance which now had to end but which will never be forgotten. 

What a relief that the toilet failed well in advance of 5 men living in such close proximity during the three week Atlantic crossing! Although, men....not quite such a big deal! 

We also said our sad good byes to Steve. Leaving him on his own for the next few weeks felt strange but he seemed to have plenty of jobs lined up to keep him busy, and, can you really feel THAT sorry for someone who wakes up every morning to beautiful sunshine and freedom to choose what to do, living the dream he's chosen? It's been good to see him so chilled, and at one with himself and Wandering Dream. I hope he won't feel lonely and continues to meet new like-minded friends, and get together with Dave Allan- lookie-soundie- likey Nick, and George with his wealth of sea faring knowledge. 

Peter, Sheryl and I have had a time we won't forget! Possibly not the most relaxing holiday, but neither Lucey complained about anything, despite their being plenty they could have! Of course, our journey back to England wasn't plain sailing! Hurricane Bertha held us up for one and three quarter hours and there was a bit of a wobble over our change from Gibraltar to Faro, but the taxi eventually dropped me back in Twyford at 1.00 am, and, unlike Sheryl and Peter, I didn't, thankfully, have to be in work at 7.30 am! Thank you Sheryl and Peter for being great travelling companions, for your patience, resilience, and for just being such fabulous company all week! You are, indeed, wonderful!!

Thank you Steve for sharing part of your adventure with us. I know that Peter loved the sailing and would like to do more. Sheryl and I survived, have good tans, and many stories to tell. The flappy, flappy, uppy, downy, sailing bit is not for me. Whoever said that sailing is 90% boredom and 10% panic was spot on in my opinion! However, I fully appreciate that everyone has their own, valid, perspective, and one person's boredom is some one else's freedom, one persons panic, someone else's excitement and exhilaration. I know you will continue to enjoy your challenge, Steve, and wholly respect your perspective. 

And the dolphins were absolutely wonderful!

Now, back to Steve for proper sailing blogs! I apologise for the girlie rambling of the recent entries; a friend asked if I'd write some, so I self indulgently acquiesced! 

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