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Date: 07 Nov 2015 05:24:10
Title: Isle de La Reunion

Isle de La Reunion

A very French island. Food, culture and prices. The island is formed from black lava, which is a monochromatic contrast with the startling white surf of the reefs.

No a densely populated as the Mauritius. Its interior is shaped by the semi active volcano. With dramatically steep mountains and deeply cut ravines. A variety of walks range from easy to super hard. The weather can produce flood and mud at a moments notice. On the East of the island are lava flows, these happen every five to ten years. It is interesting to see the different growth on the lava.

Architecturally the island boasts a variety buildings ranging from ornate and colonial to modern. St Deny is a delight to wander through, with both old and new buildings in surprisingly good condition. The French influence shapes the creole and typically French food on offer in the numerous restaurants, cafes and patisseries dotting the bustling streets.

The new marina in La Port has all the facilities needed to for live aboard. But if you want a bar or chandlers a fifteen minute walk is needed to the old marina. No catamarans are accommodated with in the marina, these must moor on the harbour wall and suffer the dust and debris blown aboard from the commercial port. A list vely place to visit.

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