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Date: 24 Oct 2015 08:41:00
Title: Nearing Mauritius

19:38:2S 060:42:5E
Time Zone
We have reached 060 degrees East and will be taking off another hour so we arrive at local time in Mauritius.
Ready to Arrive
We are all set to arrive tomorrow evening, probably after dark. I imagine customs will make us wait until Monday morning to clear in. At least we will avoid paying their overtime that way.
Our job list is growing, broke another top batten yesterday, luckily Denis spotted it before it ripped the pocket. We still are in the dark as to why this keeps happening, this is the third top batten breakage. We are making sure the sail is not too far out and that it doesn’t get caught when hoisting. Any suggestions?
Tony Yates – Passage Report
What a great easy going guy! Not sure about doing watch in under pants just so his shorts don’t get wet...is that really an Aussie tradition?
Sailing Skills
Thoroughly knowledgeable and dependable, he has been a real help on this passage.
Culinary Expertise
Great food, well cooked. But he has such a small appetite. Denis and I aren’t big eaters, but he eats even less than us.
Captain’s Comments
You have a place reserved anytime you want to return. A pleasure to have on board.
Miles travelled in last 24 hours: 142 miles
Miles to Mauritius: 261 miles

Diary Entries