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Date: 21 Oct 2015 08:42:33
Title: On Passage to Mauritius

18:37:9S 068:15:2E
1200 hrs Wednesday 21st October 2015
Celestial Navigation
The wind has dropped to 15 knots, the sea has moderated, still a bit rolly and on the beam, but everything has become easier on board today. No longer do we need to hold on quite so tight. It has even given us the opportunity to get the sextant and celestial navigation books out, to see if we can understand this mystery. Tony knows how to take noon sights, so we are taking advantage of this know how. We are still rolling though and trying to sight the sun and bring it level with the horizon, is not easy when it just won’t stay still. My respect to the sailors who used this as their main form of navigation.
Food, Wonderful Cake!
We have now finished Hilary’s fruit cake and moved on to Tricia’s. We all agree, they are definitely life enhancing experiences. We have afternoon tea each day and part of our ritual is a slice of fruit cake. They are delicious and compliment the tea perfectly. I know, we have a Aussie on board, but his love of tea seems more English than ours.
Sea Temperature
We have found that as well as the air temperature dropping, the sea temp. is also going down. For each degree we are moving South, the sea’s temperature is going down approx. one degree. Currently, it is 25.2 degrees C.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 151 miles
miles to Mauritius: 695 miles

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