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Date: 17 Oct 2015 07:51:17
Title: On Passage To Mauritius

16:45:6S 078:31:2E
1200 Saturday 17th October 2015
Just When We Thought All was Going Well...  Minor Irritations
Relaxing into the trip and feeling this is going well, a certain law comes into play. Yesterday afternoon, Tony and I were lying prone on the galley floor trying to figure out why the fridge had stopped. We got that fixed, then his Kindle stopped working. I hope it isn’t terminal, after sailing, reading is our main entertainment.
Today is a BIG bouncy day. The sea and wind are up and keeping us on our toes. Gusting thirty plus, with four to five metre swells.
Miles travelled in 24 hours: 145 miles
Miles to Mauritius: 1301 (we are now officially halfway to Mauritius)

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