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Date: 15 Oct 2015 07:39:38
Title: On Passage to Maritius

15:38:6S 083:32:0E
1200 Thursday 15th October 2015
We Will Have A Fishy...
Tony said, “A skirt is always a good attractor.” How right he was, our magic “This one never fails” lure, given to me in Nuka Hiva, by Drew the Fish Miester from Aus. Proved to be the one we needed. After trawling the line for a couple of hours a fish struck. Tony was sleeping, I grabbed the rod (thank you Robert – another gift), thirty minutes later we landed it. Judging from the fight, I had imagined a huge fish, in the event, it was hooked on the gill and I had brought it in sideways. However, the mahi mahi/ dorado/ dolphin fish was enough for sashimi yesterday and lunch today. I have already been marinating the fish in lemon and thyme. I will pan sear the fish and serve it with seasoned couscous. Can’t wait....over twenty thousand miles sailed and this is the first fish I’ve personally brought in. There were hi fives all round yesterday!
Whoa! Two reefs in, thirty plus gusts and four to five metre swells. WD is in her element, seven to eight knots surfing down the waves. We been at this for about twelve hours now and it doesn’t look like dropping today. The weather grib files didn’t predict this one.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 156 miles
Miles to Mauritius: 1601 miles (we are about a third of the way)

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