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Date: 12 Oct 2015 07:05:24
Title: On passage to Mauritius

13:43:6S 091:01:6S
The difference between our current time and Mauritius is two point five hours. We are making up the time at the right longitude so we stay roughly with the sun, so half and hour goes back at 090 degrees, today.
A Passing Friend
Last night Nuvola, the catamaran with Stephen and Jo (drone owners) slowly caught us up. This morning after breakfast, they radioed and we agreed to take photos of each other sailing. Stephen straight away scampered up the mast and stood for at least half an hour on the cross trees, taking video and stills. No way would any of us have ventured up our mast, it goes to demonstrate how stable their catamaran is compared to WD.
Repairs and Maintenance
We spent the rest of the morning running the outboard to empty the carburettor, we probably won’t need that again until after Christmas. We fixed a small tear in the mainsail and re pop riveted the spinnaker pole. This seems to be an on going issue, even the longer rivets haven’t held. Another solution will be tried this afternoon.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 166 miles
Miles to Mauritius: 2040 miles

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